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Time Scale is Jack Trueax and Taylor Weid

Mixed and Recorded by- Ben Clary
Produced by Jack Trueax, Taylor Weid, Ben Clary, David Keeling, Time Scale
Mastered by Will Dyar at Hills Audio

All songs written by Jack Trueax
With the exception of;
"One of our good friends,” co-written by Ben Clary and Jack Trueax

Taylor Weid- Percussion
David Keeling- additional keyboards; “From the Chest” and “One of Our Good Friends.”
Ben Clary- Guitar; “One of Our Good Friends”
Jack Trueax- Vocals, Programming

Artwork Zachary Barnes-Fagg
follow @faggbarne

©Time Scale 2015


released August 4, 2015

Time Scale would like to thank our families and friends for their love and continued support. We would also like to thank Grant Crenshaw, David Keeling, Meghan Weid, Matthew Tillson, Madeline Johnston, Anna Smith, Alex Vaassen, Matthew Terrell, Sean McCoskey, Dylan Blanchard, Charlotte Thurman, Cheryl Gardopee, Wendy Warshawsky, Kathy McGrath, Michael and Anne-Liese Golletz, Sadie Fulton, Gary Cremer II, Mike Kelley, Cole and Cody Wilson, Sister Grotto, Tim Houston, Crystal Weid, John and Jeanne Trueax, Doug and Christa Palmer, Matthew Dudzik, Steven Paxton, Oliver Prezant, Steven Miller, David Dunn, Jeremy Bleich, Charles Fielding, and Tinyamp Records.

Extra special thanks to Ryan Golletz, Jack W. Weid, and Ben Clary.



all rights reserved


Time Scale Denver, Colorado

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Track Name: From the Chest
Artifacts erased. I’ve found my place. I’ve never ran so far in my life to put my head into the right space.

I’ll search for you, my true and wonderful piece of the puzzle. I’m choking on these thoughts of you being out there just waiting to take my breath from my chest. I’ll try my best, but you’re reducing me to little more than the blankest of stares.

My mind has a line drawn in the sand. What’s left to lose? Do I dare try my hand?
Track Name: Body...Beard
I have a battle in my head, tossing and turning through my bed. With this artichoke in my throat, slack-jawed and scorned, I'll find my coat.

I've seen between us greater mysteries than ancient history in a box in my closet. I can't see why I can't see into your house, and get onto your couch. Let's be honest.

I found out why I feel so weird; my whole body is a beard. This satin fur coat is my hope, kept clean or choke on the punch lines of my jokes.

I'll find if there's worth in my life when it's time to expire. Inspired despite my usual doubts. My arms are on fire.
Track Name: Today
I am okay. Today I will tear this all down. I’ll reach outward and exclaim. I’m just going to explode with glorious sound.

Compelled by this thought; to see things through. I’ve always stood by this in spite of you. Compelled by this thought; to move on and make this something to be proud of.

I’ve got to find a way, a factor in my stepping down. The onset of dismay pushes me upward and out.

Reach for the stars, and please don’t be careless when you become large. Inside you is the way to gather the will to escape.
Track Name: When Jackers Was
When Jackers was in Egypt's land, let my Jackers go.
Track Name: Tangled Piece of String
In my hands I hold a tangled piece of string, indifferent to all my pondering. It’s what keeps my hands from shaking, piece of mind will complicate me. Should I grab the scissors or add another knot?

I don’t know if it’s bitter for me to have this thought inside my head.

Land with two feet on the ground, although impossible it sounds. Will you meet me in the center? We will find our never ender. Will you bring the scissors or add another knot?
Track Name: The Man I Am
Fight through these times. Take heart in sorrow, what we raise in our minds will rise up tomorrow. How do I know what grows inside me? I must atone for these walls that confine me.

For I wasn’t then, the man I am today. I’ll impose my own nonsense in some other way, someday.

I have no time to make things right. When it comes down to the finest of lines, it’s always taken as a slight. What can I know about this net that keeps me trapped, it moves from home to heart and its worth is too abstract.

For I wasn’t then, the man I am today. I’ll exact my own revenge in some other way, someday.
Track Name: One of Our Good Friends
We know each other all too well, we still have secrets left to tell. Don't ever feel like this will be something that should be owed to me.

We waited around just so we could hang out. We would sneak out of the house to listen to cricket sounds.

We take the time to think of things to talk about. But, sometimes we don't have to speak, and everything will be let out.

We know each other all too well, we still have secrets left to tell. Don't ever feel like this will be something that should be owed to me. We take the time in separate lives so when we meet we recognize that even though we're different, you will remain my friend.

You will remain my friend.
Track Name: Interests
I know that I can’t articulate these thoughts that always appear too late, I know that I must drive myself home. Breaking down until it came to this. It was certainly something to resist, this hole is deeper than anything I have known. I don’t know why you must exaggerate this ill will that has appeared of late, this isn’t coming from somebody I have known. This feeling’s new but i’ve already mastered it. Unfortunate; this disaster will be short lived. This candle is lit and all of my birds have flown.

I must find it within myself to let go. My heart will harp on your smile from the start. I’ve never known myself to be so confident when I am in the dark.

I know that I don’t make much sense and this doesn’t have a defense unless i’m suiting my own interests. I know that I can be intense and this cannot cease to exist unless i’m suiting my own interests.
Track Name: Seriously
“Do you want some help? …Er, do you want some help. Will you help me? Is what I meant to say. We’re rolling, I think.”
“I am.”
“No no no, I’m rolling.”
“Oh, I am to.”
“No I’m rolling.”
“Me too… I know, me too.”
“I know I see that, but i’m pointing at this because we’re rolling. Will you help me?”

“What is it?”
“It’s like an audio recorder.”
“We’re going to make techno music, later probably.”
Track Name: A While Ago
A while ago I could pretend this special piece wasn’t missing. There came a time when, now and then, i’d lose myself to my wishing.

I can see clearer, and when I look into this clouded mirror; I have no fear now. My eyes are dilated after all of these years.

A while ago I didn’t know why I felt so horrible in spite of all this love in my life. I had to extract my mind with the fact; to move on I had to stop twisting this knife.

My mind was scattered. I had no hope, and then you shattered this cage called home. I have no fear now that I know about myself, and when I look into this shattered mirror I know that I needed help.

A while ago I lived in a lie with you, and now I can breathe.
Track Name: We Are Weird
We are weirdos, and it’s what we don’t know that makes us so. We are weirdos, though we’re flying solo we’re not slow.

We’re not slow. We don’t know what we don’t know. I don’t ever want to think about this.

Oh, you don’t know why I’m hurt from your words? While I know that i’ll get by, you’ll be judged for all your spite when you die.

We are weirdos, though we’re flying so low, we’ve got hope.